INFJ Complexity

Let’s face it. We are all complex human beings whether we’re ENFP, INFP, AARP, or TGIF. Being human is a complex enterprise. The INFJ personality, however, seems to be loaded with paradox. I’ve read that the INFJ is able to use both sides of the brain equally well. As a result, the INFJ is highly creative, artistic, intuitive, and spiritual, and at the same time, structured,  responsible, analytical, and scientific. My wife says I’m a strange dichotomy. I suppose we can be very confusing to others and maybe confusing to ourselves as well at times.


17 thoughts on “INFJ Complexity

  1. Another kindred INFJ here, and I totally agree with the comment about both hemispheres. My days are so structured, working with computers, mathematics, deadlines…hence my blog, Pisces, an outlet for creativity (art, writing, photography). I’m also a professional Feng Shui consultant and Vedic Astrologer, which require both hemispheres (the mechanical delineation accompanied by the creative and inspired interpretation). Great posts INFJoe! Happy to follow.


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