INFJ Decisions and INFP Options

As the title of my blog indicates, I’m an INFJ, but my wife is an INFP. In general, folks with a J preference like to live in an orderly, structured way and are happiest when decisions are made to settle matters. Folks with a P preference like to be more flexible and keep their options open.


21 thoughts on “INFJ Decisions and INFP Options

  1. Hi INFJoe. I’m pondering this comic as I’m writing a current post about my personality type. Would it be okay with you if I insert the comic into my blog post? Otherwise I can just link back to here. 🙂


  2. Hi there,
    I’m an INFP and I freshly started talking to this INFJ guy (and when I say “fresh” I mean only a week.) I see the strange but natural clicking that has been mentioned by others, but was it weird or awkward in the initial stages of talking? Or were you both able to just “go along with the flow”?


    • I think it was a little weird and awkward at times because we’re introverts and cautious. Going with the flow wasn’t easy since we’re both very intense. Well, maybe INFPs are better at going with the flow. I often overwhelmed my wife, then girlfriend. We’ve been married for 16 years and things are great. We “get” each other. Please let me know how things progress.


      • Yes, that sounds about right. I’m starting to get a tad bit of an overwhelming feeling. I guess as the INFP the overwhelming feeling is a Catch-22. Due to the fact we are intense by ourselves, it’s nice to see someone hit our “core” so to speak, but I’m also starting to see INFJ’s can quickly top our intensity. As far as “cautious” goes, well, that is a bit of an understatement. We both came from extremely volatile previous relationships. In a way, its the reason why I searched and came across this blog. We clicked on a very in sync level (its kinda creepy, lol), we are both extremely cautious (mine outward and his inward), and it looks like our intensity is what is going to kill it, before it even gets a chance to blossom. But, I SEE the potential. Any words to the wise? Lol.


      • Yes, talk it all out if you can, and recognize that even though you are kindred spirits, you function differently. Deep breath, the both of you, and just enjoy each other. Try to laugh a lot. Please let me know how things are going every now and then.


      • Thanks 🙂
        Will Do. I just followed you on FB (Naomi R.), I have my Digital Media Agency on Twitter, but it’s in the debuting stages. (Mr. INFJ and I are trying to work creatively together as well….I know, I know it’s alot, lol.) Check us out on FB as well, Thanks again, I wish you further success and happiness with your wife (16 years…not like you need it, lol.)


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