16 thoughts on “Thank you, Extroverts Who Understand

    • Hi, Linda. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I was being clear enough. The idea was that his understanding extroverted wife was throwing him a party, without the guests knowing he was actually upstairs. Maybe I shouldn’t have said the surprise part. Maybe “OK, Everyone. I’m going to Skype Greg into the party.” I don’t know. 🙂


      • We definitely need more people who understand our need to time out. My family picks on me…thinking that im anti social when i need my little hide away break. So frustrating!


      • I’m so sorry your family picks on you. INFJs are NOT anti social. We care very deeply about people. I hope as time goes on, they will come to realize this about you.


      • They are not aware of personality types and this has resulted in ignorance. As a teenager it really affected my self-esteem, but now at 28 i kind of laugh at them now because it’s so silly. But it’s till frustrating because they don’t want to learn lol.


      • Yeah, it seems like the more uncommon types (INs) are drawn to learning about these things. Maybe it’s because we are uncommon, while more common types (ESs) fit in more easily. Frustrating, I know!


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