My Gushing, INFJ, Fe Heart

I don’t just extravert my Feeling, quite often I gush. This leaves me self-conscious, embarrassed, feeling like I’ve said or done too much, or strangely, that my intensity/enthusiasm made me sound insincere.


7 thoughts on “My Gushing, INFJ, Fe Heart

  1. I experience this too,,,and have had people give me that weird look on their face. Now i have learned to only gush around people that really know me. It’s hard being inauthentic as an INFJ and it’s such a skill to moderate ourselves, a still like a bit of gush though as i think it’s a special quality 🙂


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  3. I do this a lot too! I gush and everything is lovely or magical or oh my gosh! And then I wonder if my friends or family think I’m trying out for the role of a new Disney character. And yetthis trait is amazing. We’re sincerely easily touched people 🙂


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