INFJ Empathy: I Feel Your Pain!

INFJs have the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. They’re sensitive deep feelers, who take things to heart. Like every trait, this has its upside and downside, but overall, I like this about the INFJ personality. There needs to be more empathy in the world.


19 thoughts on “INFJ Empathy: I Feel Your Pain!

  1. I agree with earlier commentators – I don’t think I could handle a job diving so deeply into other peoples pain. I want to help people, but I couldn’t be a social worker or therapist. But I do think being (more than most people) empathetic is crucial for people who do have jobs like that. So I don’t know how that’s supposed to work. 😛


    • For me working in the welfare field is a great place to ‘unleash’ my empathy. In the beginning it is difficult not letting sad stories and people’s circumstances weigh you down, but over time these sad things actually give you fire to be able to assist in a professional way. I remember in my first 6 months i would go home and cry from seeing such terrible things…but as time goes by you sort of become used to these issues and you grow a tough skin so to speak. When you see and hear something every single day (even the most grim), and you get to know these hurting people behind their pain…the INFJ empathy trait becomes a warrior to advocate for the hurting. One thing that my clients have taught me is that you can still smile when all has gone to shit. They all have their own quirky personalities which they share with you…and when they show you appreciation it confirms the strengths that an INFJ has 🙂


      • That sounds great! But I’m not only empathetic, I’m kind of sensitive too. I might not grow that thick skin. Not without shutting off anyway. I think the ability to endure despite being empathetic AND also not distancing yourself too much is a very special ability. So perhaps you haven’t got one, but two superpowers. 😛


      • Thank you 🙂 I am also very sensitive…but for me i found that facing my sensitivities i built up a strength to stand beside them (sensitivities), if that makes sense. I guess it was like CBT, the more exposure the more easier it became. BUT there is one thing i just cannot stand no matter what…and they are moths!!!!


      • Haha, for me it’s spiders! But I mean that I am sensitive, the way I am blonde. I can wear a hat or dye my hair, but I can’t change my DNA. If that makes any sense?


      • Nope we can’t change our DNA but we can manage, learn and fine tune 🙂 Thats just my personal experience as a quite sensitive person. No law intended 🙂


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