Journaling: Sorting through the Junk Drawer

I journal every morning. 3 pages of “brain drain”, as Julia Cameron calls it in her book The Artist’s Way. As an INFJ, it’s not always easy to immediately know what I’m feeling. Journaling allows me to get it all out, look at it, correct destructive thoughts and behaviors, give names to feelings, affirm myself, talk to God, talk to my inner/artist child.


17 thoughts on “Journaling: Sorting through the Junk Drawer

  1. r u referring to morning pages? I have been journaling off and on since high school, but there is nothing I dreaded more that writing 3 pages of nothing in the morning! I am not a morning person.

    the artist way is really cool and glad you find it helpful. I did not have the motivation to really make the most of the process.


  2. 3 pages wow! Im glad you have found a way to process all the thoughts and feelings as an INFJ. You must have heaps of journal books which you have wrote in year after year.


  3. I’ve been writing morning pages on and off for years. My life always runs more smoothly when I do them…. so don’t know why I always end up allowing myself to drop them. Sigh. Must. Write. Morning. Pages. I need it printed on all my coffee mugs! Love your drawings. Glad to have found your blog.


    • Hi Steven. I found your blog through Recbecca’s. I’m really looking forward to your posts. Yeah, morning pages are such a fantastic tool. I have seasons of my own. Just happens that I’m in a very disciplined 3-pages-a-day season, and it’s been so good.


  4. Joe, my psychologist friend told me to do so and I just realize that the others INFJ has the same difficulties with me ” identifying our feeling”. I ma so grateful to find this blog and almost all of your writings happen to me. Have a good day Joe. 🙂


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