20 thoughts on “The Final Frontier

  1. I LOVE Star Trek. I want to live there. I could watch and listen 24/7. I feel the same as Monika. I was never particularly a fan of the original series, though I loved Spock. Next Generation is my favorite, but I’ve been able to get into DS9 and Voyager as well. I found Enterprise to be a sad attempt at taking decent actors and propelling them into the stupidest story line ever. Amphibians and reptiles? There were so many ways the writers could have taken this crew and they blew it. I’m currently watching reruns of Voyager. They just brought 7 of 9 on board. 🙂


  2. I love Star Trek! I grew up watching reruns of the original series and then got to watch The Next Generation when it first came out. Don’t you think Deanna Troi is probably an INFJ?
    I haven’t seen any of the later series, though…any good?


      • I took a ‘star trek’ personality quiz twice, and each time the result was Deanna Troi. I, too, believe she is INFJ. She’s one of my favorite characters. Who is your fav?


      • Hey, thanks so much for the “like” on my FB page. My favorite Star Trek Character? Sulu. I heard a comedian once say the in Japan, Star Trek is called “Sulu, Mast Navigator of the Universe.” 🙂


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