The INFJ Front Door

I am an extremely private person in real life. Takes a while to really get to know me (if one does at all). I also like my privacy in my physical space. The two are related.



13 thoughts on “The INFJ Front Door

  1. Oh yes, very much agree with this. Very few people know much about me because I’m so selective about who I’ll open up to. Guess it might also partly explain why I dislike sharing things with a group. There’s this feeling like not everyone deserves to know these things about me.


  2. The only thing missing from this drawing, INFJoe, are my townhouse numbers! 🙂 Sometimes I don’t know why I bother with a Welcome mat LOL


  3. Funny, for many years didn’t knew my Myers-Briggs type, and consequently couldn’t figure out my behavior, and why living with people around was so wearisome, i needed so much to live alone by myself, until events forced me out of relationships, and now live practically like a monk in my cell now for over twenty years, very peacefully thank you, yes never, bring guest to my home except when I invite one of my children for lunch, and its always a briefly affair, an hour, or no more than two hours. 🙂

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