INFJ Watching

If you’re an INFJ and you know another INFJ (face-to-face in real life), I think you’re very fortunate, because there are not too many of us around. I’ve only met one that I know of, a former co-worker, but I moved away before we had the chance to compare notes. Are you an INFJ who knows another INFJ face-to-face in real life?


26 thoughts on “INFJ Watching

  1. I only know self-identified INFJ’s here, I know some possible contenders who have not taken the exam in ” real life”. When I was an INFP, I knew another and we were lucky to have each other, but she was so much more P than I. Upon retest, the P morphed to J and I wonder if I ever was a P at all. 🙂


  2. This illustration is so cute i love it 🙂 Unfortunately i don’t know another INFJ and i have never met one either. That is really why i started this WordPress account 🙂


  3. I actually know a few INFJs. And I think it’s because I live in San Francisco. I’ve met more INFJs and INFPs here than anywhere else.


  4. I actually know quite a few INFJ’s, and the reaction upon realizing the others type was always an “Aah … That’s why you get me!”-sort of thing.
    However, I am also working in a field that INFJ’s tend to be drawn to, and I consider myself very, very lucky. (There are 6 INFJ’s that I can think of from the top of my head!)


  5. I have a best friend with whom I have known for almost 10 years. We are really close and we have so many similarities. Sometimes we joke around and said that we have the same wavelengths, which is the reason why we seem to almost always understand each other. One day I asked her to do MBTI personality test, and turned out that she was an INFJ! Just like me! No wonder we were always on the same wavelength. Feel so lucky to have one. 🙂


  6. Around a year ago, I realised that I am an INFJ and instantly all my feelings made sense. My friends took the test too and they mostly are all INFP and ISTP – except for one. This friend I felt a deep connection with, she’s an INFJ as well. We didn’t know that until I was talking about how my loneliness is explainable because I’m a rare type. She asked me, ” oh, what type are you?” And I replied “INFJ.”
    She was so surprised that I was an INFJ as well. So… Yeah. One of my best friends turned out to be INFJ like me 🙂


  7. I am a therapist and i had my group take the MBTI. There were two others in group besides myself?! I lost contact with one, as clients will move on. The other one was a friend of a friend of a friend so i would hear things about him periodically and he seems to be a horrible person (from the outside). I was heartbroken, well, because I always am, BUT, I thought we had this special INFJ connection. Well, we dont and im wondering if he is a psychopath who was able to mimic the characteristics of an INFJ. Im not saying infjs never do bad things but the things he was doing were things that only someone with no conscience can do. Maybe hes the Hitler kind of INFJ and not the Ghandi type. What do you guys think?


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