The Old Replay

Beating myself up over things that I’ve said or done, things that I replay in my head, is a tendency of mine. I don’t think it’s an exclusive INFJ thing; I suppose many folks do this regardless of type. I’m working on being kinder to myself and on not replaying them.


8 thoughts on “The Old Replay

  1. and today I am frustrated because of a misunderstanding with a neighbor, who would totally understand if she understood INFJs. So, I’m going to extend that holiday and ‘let it go’ Today! 🙂


  2. I do this to. I am an INFJ. I wonder if it has to do with an INFJ’s introverted thinking and looking towards the future, looking at past mistakes (and triumphs) to constantly learn from them for the future.


  3. As a fellow INFJ, I struggle with such unhealthy behavior as holding onto the bad parts of the past far too much. And putting them in DVD form is pretty appropriate because of how they play in the mind on a constant loop. While they do belong with the junk, it really is hard to release them.


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