Social Media for Introverts

Social media is such a great way for an introvert like me to socialize. I can be physically alone in quiet surroundings, not worry about what I look like, formulate what I’m going to say before releasing it, pick and choose which conversations I wish to be a part of, etc. And when I need to, I can unplug altogether in an instant.


7 thoughts on “Social Media for Introverts

  1. I have recently gained the courage to say “no thanks, need some introvert time” to people. I just got tired of making excuses and also thought it was a way to let others become more familiar with ‘introvertism’ he he. Hopefully in the future, introverts will be more open about their ‘intovertism’ and others more accepting and understanding of us.


  2. Sooo nice!! Your blog is so freeing 🙂 I mean, seriousely, I’ve been going through life with this imaginary pressure to “fix” myself, you know what I mean, it’s like often I felt I must be more “friendly”, “chatty”, “enjoying life” etc to function normally (like a healthy person) and I tried to force myself but it just often ended up as a kind of… internal torture… it’s not that I’m unfriendly, as you say yourself – I do care about people and really a lot, but it’s somehow very selective… it’s kind of costing me more energy or something. Now I start to realize it’s OK and I can for example go out alone for lunch and recharge by walking alone in the town for exampe (we have group lunch culture here and it’s really nice but not every day, I just can’t take it…) and the world will not end and my colleagues will not think I’m snobbing them out and really I don’t feel need to pretend that I have appointment or something because if someone even wants to join me, great…
    Cheers!! ❤


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