14 thoughts on “Thinking on My Feet

  1. I think this is part of why I hate public speaking so much. If someone calls me out at random and asks my opinion on something, I feel like I can’t get the right words together in a short amount of time.


  2. This is typical IN-behavior that lacks EF-balance. The primary cognitive function IN of INFJs results in a quest for perfection if left unchecked. The way to find balance is to work towards the secundary cognitive function EF in INFJs. This leads to the awareness that action is needed towards involved human beings, i.o.w. take action for others.
    So, get control over your thoughts and don’t let them rule your neurotic tendency of looking for perfection, practice taking that leap of faith into the dark of actually interacting with the people you like. 🙂

    GreetZ, @FarikoBrainiac


  3. This is hilarious. My husband gets so impatient with me because I have to stop and analyze a bit before responding to him about almost everything. And…he can’t understand why I love email so much 🙂


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