Getting Sick

I hate getting sick, but I have to confess that it serves as a good excuse to stop, slow down, stay in, and watch a bunch of movies. My twitter friend @xlokeahx is down with the flu right know (unfortunately). She’s watching 80s movies and gave me the idea for this cartoon.


6 thoughts on “Getting Sick

  1. I remember always being so sad to miss school when I was sick as a kid – but then again it meant time alone at home, in the peace and quiet! I could read whatever I wanted or watch TV and no one would bother me. This was back when kids were a lot more self-sufficient and you could leave them at home to fend for themselves…


  2. I got the flu and was at home for the whole week, and i had a great time at home catching up on spending time with myself. It feels great to feel connected with yourself…sadly for me it mainly happens when i fall sick.


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