INFJ Meet Up Conversation

I think it’s funny when I’m asked what INFJs talk about at their meet ups. It kind of reminds me when I was in grade school and kids wondered what my Japanese-American family ate for Thanksgiving. My standard answer was “raw turkey” (i.e. turkey sashimi).

I suppose some wonder if any of us speaks at all because we’re of such a quiet personality type. We live inside our heads. This cartoon was inspired by the INFJ meet up gang I hang out with (@akmm5, @cnstantstranger, and @OutreDragon on Twitter).



4 thoughts on “INFJ Meet Up Conversation

  1. Haha, love this 🙂
    I attended an INFJ meetup earlier this year where we pretty much all talked together for 5 hours (there were 8 or more of us)! We had so much to share… from our tendency to rescue worms/ants from puddles (which our friends/others find weird) through to our uncannily similar shopping habits. But it was very different to ‘extrovert’ talk… we took it in turns talking, quiet voices were able to be heard with minimal interruption (mostly), and the setting was a peaceful café courtyard. Very little small talk – straight to the interesting, intriguing and meaningful stuff. It was quite funny how we ‘hit it off’, despite never having met each other before. And most of us hung back from going home – continuing our conversations outside the café after it had closed!
    My non-introvert friends asked the same question… I’ll use the telepathy reply next time :).


  2. Oh, I love this! I read about an INFJ conference being organised and thought to myself “is that not an oxymoron?” 🙂 I’m from a silent, individualistic culture myself, and often ponder over how our cultures (the software of the mind) affect the way our personality traits can be seen in our actions.


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