12 thoughts on “Subtitles

  1. Ha ha, you hit the nail on the head. Sub-titles are a must for us INFPs and INFJs, “I’m fine” means “I’m not really fine but I don’t really want to get into it right now”. And “cool” means “Wow, I love that! That’s is freaking awesome!”


  2. That made me smile because I often apologize for my highly metaphysical figure of speech that is difficult to follow. However much I try to level with the person, I can’t do so without compromising my message.It’s like I’m painting with words. Great blog!


  3. Ha ha, this is brilliant. We should invest in some disclaimer signs that can easily be worn to warn others 🙂 Probably also explains why my husband zones out when I’m speaking sometimes… he’s never been a fan of subtitles!


  4. Hi – Anne-marie
    i’m an INFJ and your blog is spot on!! In fact I’m studying Myers Briggs and how personality effects our decisionmaking and everything we do. It’s a big part of our advertising strategy at Grace
    Someone once said this world is made for extraverts and I think that might be true
    Would you be up for doing cartoons for the other 15 personalities?


    • Hi Anne- Marie! Thanks for saying hello. Always great to connect with another INFJ. My art, whether I’m painting, writing, or cartooning, always comes from personal experience. So I probably won’t be doing cartoons for the other types. Once in a while I include Infp since that’s my wife’s type. 😉


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