INFJ and INFP on the Move

My wife (INFP) and I (INFJ) have been going for an exercise walk almost every morning lately. In my mind, it’s an “exercise” walk, so I’m focused on the goal of getting some exercise in the allotted amount of time that was planned. My wife, on the other hand, is more flexible, and probably enjoys the journey a lot more than I.AaronTCaycedoKimura

24 thoughts on “INFJ and INFP on the Move

  1. I’m the same as you when it comes to my exercise / workouts. Totally goal oriented.

    When I’m in the middle of playing Witcher 3, however, I pretty much go everywhere except where the quest tells me to.

    I love the image. Thanks for sharing it. : )


  2. Haha! I feel the same as you about walking. I used to count my steps on my way to school sometimes. So sorry about your Mom. I lost my mama (last parent) 4 years ago. It hurt so much that I couldn’t cry. Feel better Guy. 😔



  3. This is so cool. My hubs is from Harlem and marched with a drum corp so when we go for our morning walk – it’s a MARCH with songs. I am an introvert most days. I love your drawings!


  4. Cats are similar, very much in the moment, enjoy smelling flowers, watching the birds and playing with bugs. They have taught me to take pause and watch the world go round.


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