Awkward Walk

I confess I find it very awkward passing strangers on my walk. I always say ‘hello’, because I’m very relational. But the anticipation of that inevitable point of meeting can be a little nerve-wracking!


24 thoughts on “Awkward Walk

  1. I actually read your whole blog 😀 (yes, we INFJ are very commited :D) and I’m always impressed, because when you think about it, ALL the INFJ I know really have a lot in common at so many level, we probably are the type where the range of different people are actually very narrow, because we are all similar 😀 But it feels good ! What is also fun is when you met someone that you can immediately spot as an INFJ, I had that with my neighbour, she is a lovely lady, we met in our respective gardens, and in 5 minutes I was sure she is an INFJ. This feeling to understand someone in a snap, knowing that you won’t be judged because the communication is happening once a week, knowing that you’ll enjoy this moment anyway, it’s really great. The only down sides I noticed being an INFJ are actually the lack of social life. I feel happy to be a loner, but sometimes i guess I need to feel some humanity in my surrounding ! Thank god, facebook exists :p And I also noticed that my empathic side trick me a lot when it’s about… movies ! I can be devastated if a movie is too emotionally strong, it drains me :))


    • So nice to meet you! Yes, INFJs are very relational and need that human contact. And I’m that way with movies too. I now know what I can watch and what I can’t handle. Thank you for dropping by and for saying hello.


    • But I think it’s nice that you make the effort and say it. I worked for a company where people just didn’t want to even make eye contact. Im like Dude, we’re on the same team!


  2. Thanks it’s going okay. But these things still baffle me. Your cartoons are so on point. I’ll look at the ground or a bird or the sky. It’s so comforting to find out I’m not the only one in the world. 😊


  3. Spot on! I experience this very thing all the time. Wearing sunglasses helps me quite a bit in these situations. Of course it’s a little weird to wear sunglasses when it’s dark or cloudy, but give it a shot next time the sun is shining 🙂


  4. I totally agree with this. I always say hi to people because I want to be friendly and I like to give and receive a smile unless I get the feeling they don’t want to be greeted. But I often have a miniature moment of panic before doing so and occasionally give into the panic and just stare at the ground, which usually feels worse in the end, and extremely awkward.


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