Introvert Phone Conversation

I’m not too fond of talking on the phone. Of course, it depends on who it is and if I’m expecting the call or not, but in general, it’s better to text or email me. I’m finding that other introverts feel the same way. You?


25 thoughts on “Introvert Phone Conversation

  1. I am 100% in agreement with that!!! My very best friend in the world is the only person I chat on the phone with regularly. I am in the US and she in Switzerland and we hardly ever get to see one another 😦


  2. I have two exceptions: close family (because it’s family) and colleagues (because we work at different places, so we have to talk on the phone sometimes and we talk about work stuff not personal stuff). * btw english is not my first language x_x


  3. So far as I’m concerned, texting is the best invention we have had when it comes to communication. I find the older I get, the less tolerant I am of talking on the phone, period. And if it is an unknown caller, or even an unexpected call from a friend, to voicemail it goes. If it is a loved one, then I may reluctantly answer but I am far more likely to respond with an automated “Text me please, busy” response rather than answer the phone.

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  4. I no longer answer the phone…just let it go to voice mail. My Bad?!! Thankfully the only person who texts me is my daughter-in-law so that works out pretty well. 🙂


  5. I call my self phone-a-phobic. Everyone who knows me texts me. And I NEVER answer a number I don’t know. My phone rarely rings now. That makes me happy. 😊 I love this cartoon.


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