The Scope of Socializing

As an INFJ, I’m an introvert, but I’m also very relational. I need that human contact. I like to socialize once in a while, but when I do, it’s quite a big (or)deal for me.


15 thoughts on “The Scope of Socializing

  1. Exactly on point, as always. I’m Still amazed you understand perfectly. Remember the look on someone’s face who doesn’t get it when you try to explain? Back down the rabbit hole for me. 😉
    Thanks Joe


  2. Exactly! It’s alaways the triple dose 🙂 …
    During the anticipation (directly before the event) I also try to take some time to center myself… and after it’s the “fun replay” of everything that happened… I find however that doing some meditation exercises helps to shorten it!


  3. I socialized at my DILs birthday party Saturday…now I’m stuck in your phase 3 mode. Yikes…it was a disaster…I like being around people…like at the grocery story…where it’s rather like a hit and run thing…I speak to the cashier then I can leave. The party I couldn’t do that…I’m sorely afraid than I’m becoming more inept socially the older I become 😦


    • This is so me… I’m only just learning to be more honest about how much I struggle with my higher sensitivity and/or introverted temperament, after decades of trying so hard to make myself be “normal”.
      Grocery stores & markets are almost a comfort at the moment, cuz I can’t handle much else but I know I can treat the cashiers and staff nicely and maybe even make them smile…

      Also, thank you Joe for being able to draw my feelings for me… on days like these when I am too afraid to write, images are such a comfort. Really, thanks.



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