29 thoughts on “My Happy Place

      • I’ve been hanging in there. Life can’t keep me down. : )

        I actually reread Dragonflight recently, and have just started Dragonquest. I have also gotten to finish a handful of projects I was working on, so I’m feeling good in that regard. It’s a nice change of pace.

        I hope all has been going well for you. ^^


  1. That’s a feel-good picture I really love it! To me it’s missing a little origami friend (that’s what I have on my desk at work together with piece of pink quartz but well of course that’s kind off girly stuff…)
    鉂 鉂


  2. I just moved after 27 years. My bed was my happy place. I had my coffee, iPad, phone (for texts only) and my little photo album. It was all off/white and champagne gold with a bright chandelier in the corner for dark days, and mirrors to reflect the light. I guess it was more my safe place where I would sneak away to recharge. Right now I have NO happy or safe place. Most of my things are still in storage. But the few things I do have I keep moving in circles with no success. Sorry for the long reply but I knew you’d understand. 馃榿



    • Totally understand. And I feel for you. Moving after 27 years must be really difficult. Personally, I hate moving. I’ve been doing a lot of it over the past 3 years. All that routine, order, stability, peace gets packed up into boxes. I hope you will establish another safe/happy place soon. It may take time, but it will happen. Hug.


  3. Happy place.. always depends on my mood, bookstores are an instant happy place :), nature, curled up in a comforter with items like your drawing :)… also relaxing with my best friend sometimes not even talking, just watching a show we both love. 馃檪 As always, I enjoy you drawings. 馃檪


  4. I do not know if you stumbled upon my post discussing this, but mine is in the backyard with a warm sweater, coffee, computer and notebook! I love being outside near nature and my backyard is full of plants and chairs.


  5. I have many happy places! All yours coincide with mine, additionally I like art galleries, museums, reading, being in nature. A big one for me is music!!!!


  6. I love this! I might make a similar picture for myself. But I think it will be an imagined idealized happy place, because I don’t really feel like I have a happy place right now. It’s more of a hidey-place.


  7. Hi Joe,
    My INFJ happy place is getting lost in the seemingly perfect world of a High Fantasy or Historical Fiction book… However my other happy place is in the creative process of cooking a delicious dinner or pot of soup in my kitchen! My previous happy place was on long walks with my Husky Dog Misty or cuddling up with her on a cold day; she is gone now for about 3 years.
    I have had the opportunity to be in love many times, however although craving a gf I find it nearly impossible to know when I’m falling in love and when I finally am comfortable and realize it, she has already moved on. Any suggestions for knowing early signs of falling in love for an INFJ or how to feel more comfortable opening myself up?

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    • Hi Dan,
      Yes, how to know when you’re falling in love or how to feel more comfortable opening up. It’s ok to take things slowly, to develop a real friendship, to develop trust, to monitor your feelings as best you can. When it’s the right person, it will all fall into place. If you would like to talk more privately, you can always message me on twitter, IG, or FB.


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