My Happy Place

I know a lot of INFJs love to be in nature or curled up with a good book. What’s your happy place?



27 thoughts on “My Happy Place

      • I’ve been hanging in there. Life can’t keep me down. : )

        I actually reread Dragonflight recently, and have just started Dragonquest. I have also gotten to finish a handful of projects I was working on, so I’m feeling good in that regard. It’s a nice change of pace.

        I hope all has been going well for you. ^^


  1. That’s a feel-good picture I really love it! To me it’s missing a little origami friend (that’s what I have on my desk at work together with piece of pink quartz but well of course that’s kind off girly stuff…)
    鉂 鉂


  2. I just moved after 27 years. My bed was my happy place. I had my coffee, iPad, phone (for texts only) and my little photo album. It was all off/white and champagne gold with a bright chandelier in the corner for dark days, and mirrors to reflect the light. I guess it was more my safe place where I would sneak away to recharge. Right now I have NO happy or safe place. Most of my things are still in storage. But the few things I do have I keep moving in circles with no success. Sorry for the long reply but I knew you’d understand. 馃榿



    • Totally understand. And I feel for you. Moving after 27 years must be really difficult. Personally, I hate moving. I’ve been doing a lot of it over the past 3 years. All that routine, order, stability, peace gets packed up into boxes. I hope you will establish another safe/happy place soon. It may take time, but it will happen. Hug.


  3. Happy place.. always depends on my mood, bookstores are an instant happy place :), nature, curled up in a comforter with items like your drawing :)… also relaxing with my best friend sometimes not even talking, just watching a show we both love. 馃檪 As always, I enjoy you drawings. 馃檪


  4. I do not know if you stumbled upon my post discussing this, but mine is in the backyard with a warm sweater, coffee, computer and notebook! I love being outside near nature and my backyard is full of plants and chairs.


  5. I have many happy places! All yours coincide with mine, additionally I like art galleries, museums, reading, being in nature. A big one for me is music!!!!


  6. I love this! I might make a similar picture for myself. But I think it will be an imagined idealized happy place, because I don’t really feel like I have a happy place right now. It’s more of a hidey-place.


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