The #INFJ Wave

My wife recently reminded me of how overwhelming INFJs can be when pursuing a relationship, and I think this can apply whether the relationship is romantic or platonic. We INFJs rarely find others that we can really click with, others that seem to get us, others that we actually want to be with. We are cautious at first, but once we decide a person is  relationship material, we’re on a mission. If a viable candidate comes surfing in our waters, we meet them with the best wave our perfectionism can muster, and since we are inclined to intensity, it can be a tidal wave.


19 thoughts on “The #INFJ Wave

  1. I actually had a friend confront me about this the other day (in a loving way). She said, “you sort of become infatuated with people.” She’s right!! I get really intense if I meet someone I “click” with. I’m an INFP all the way though, so it may be an INF characteristic?? It’s nice to know it happens to other people :p


  2. Haha this made me smile. It is so true. I have been having a hard time making friends since I recently moved and it can be frustrating being an INFJ and starting over trying to meet people, especially with the added intensity (scares some off). Great blog! I love the comics you add to it. 🙂


  3. INTJs are guilty of the same intensity. I’ve been asked before why I invest so much of myself in my friendships. I believe friendships and intimate relationships take work and need active energy to thrive. However, if I don’t like a person I don’t bother. I’m not rude but it’s very obvious that I have no interest in making a connection.


  4. I’m at ENTJ woman in love with a INFJ man who came after me like a tidal wave. We’re very happy together. I think it’s because we’re older and have known each other a long time. The “J” really helps.


  5. Don’t think I’m thattttt overwhelming, but I do have high standards for the subjects of my romantic and platonic relationships. Stuff like honesty, integrity, intelligence, sense of humor….
    I’ve learned to allow people to indicate their interest before I fall all over them.

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