New Neighbors

My wife and I are the new neighbors in the neighborhood, and we’ve had the pleasure of meeting several of the folks who live here. Fortunately, they are all VERY lovely, kind, and considerate. I even suspect some to be introverts themselves. It’s always a little scary coming into a new situation. It’s not like you can interview everyone before moving in. I’ve never been into actively socializing with neighbors, but I do have a great need to keep things friendly and pleasant.


7 thoughts on “New Neighbors

  1. I relate…my neighbor across the street and I wave and smile (for 2 1/2 years). The neighbors to one side brought their golden retrievers into my side yard to relieve themselves…UNTIL…my grass started dying and I was forced to say something and now they don’t. The neighbor to the other side had 2 small dachshunds and something that looked part pit bull who were constantly getting loose, running through my yard, where the neighbors from both sides would meet and scream at each other. Until I stopped that too. 🙂 Now the neighbors with the dachshunds have been evicted and who knows will come next…YIKES. Not the sort of thing an introvert wants to deal with 🙂


  2. How lucky 🙂 I would love this kind of relationship myself and not only neighbours but also neighbouring colleagues in the office – world would be such a nice place if the unnecessary small talk could be replaced by the necessary wave and warm smile (so much more honest).
    Have a lovely day!


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