#Introvert Space

I had a friend in college who wanted to hang out with me ALL the time. It was very smothering. Although it’s a special thing to find someone with whom you can be “alone together”, sometimes you just need to be ALONE alone. My wife and I (both introverts) understand this and have no problem giving the other space.


8 thoughts on “#Introvert Space

  1. Yep! I adore my family but I need my alone time. What’s really calming is when everyone leaves the house and Im left home all alone for a while. 😊


  2. I’m facing a similar thing right now and this is exactly what I needed to see. Unfortunately, no one seems to understand that I can get drained by being around people for a long time. By the time I reach home I get completely exhausted, but my family cannot seem to let me be.


    • Yes, that’s rough. Where family is concerned, it’s best to try to have a serious talk. You need to be at your best and give them your best. If they don’t help you, everyone suffers. Good luck.


  3. I graduated last year and I have a friend who has been trying to be my bestfriend since freshmen orientation at college but I just cannot click with her. Whenever she is around, I cannot relax and be myself. I totally wish she could just get this concept.


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