Ding, Dong

For me, it takes a certain amount of energy to answer the door. Last night, someone came ringing our doorbell in the dark. Our porch light wasn’t on, and we were winding down for the day. We answered in case it was someone in need of help, but it ended up being a salesperson (a very nice woman) wanting to know if we wanted new windows installed. Turning the porch light on enabled her to see we had all new windows already. I was thinking of putting up a sign by the doorbell that reads “By Appointment Only.” I guess it would have to be in neon so you could see it in the dark too.


4 thoughts on “Ding, Dong

  1. Warrior Freya’s image definitely made me smile…laugh actually 😀

    I detest answering the door…talk about invading my space, it’s worse than answering the phone 🙂

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