“To Do” List

Ever feel like you just can’t bear to tackle your  “To Do” list? Those are the times I think it’s good to get out, get some fresh air, do something different, do something fun. Today, I want to go play, but unfortunately, it’s raining. I also have to get my laptop fixed. Bummer.



2 thoughts on ““To Do” List

  1. I agree Joe…only going out to do “something different” is so plain, so dull, so uninteresting without Don that I just can’t work up the energy to even try (and I really have been trying for 7 1/2 years). That sounds so whiny, gosh, I can’t even believe I said it. Forgive me 🙂 I have actually, finally, finished a couple of things on my “to do list”…painting my garage floor, doing some minor grouting and caulking around the bath tub, both completed…yay! I’ll keep working on the “play list”…hope your did go kayaking 🙂


  2. Sorry about Don. No, didn’t go kayaking. Had to take care of my laptop. And then I ended up working on a project that I wanted to a certain point by Monday morning.


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