What’s It Feel like to Be Peopled Out?

My wife and I were just talking about what it actually feels like to be peopled out (overstimulated from human interaction). We tend to experience this quite easily. This is how she feels.



13 thoughts on “What’s It Feel like to Be Peopled Out?

  1. I’m not a coffee drinker so I’ll have to trust you on this – hehe! For me, I think it’s like everything goes dull and it’s like looking and hearing through a fog no matter how much I want to engage.

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  2. To me it’s like a people hungover – i swear it’s the last time i ever meet anyone hahaha. And I’m dizzy with all the impressions and conversations and it won’t stop until I drop on the bed exhausted 馃檪


  3. Omg yes!! This post made me smile; I thought I had been the only person to use the phrase “peopled out”, starting a couple years ago. Turns out that once again, I’m not alone! Thank you for this! I feel warm and fuzzy inside now 鉂わ笍

    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer 馃槉

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