Solution to #Introvert #Awkwardness

I’ve been thinking about why so many introverts feel socially awkward. For me, I think it’s because I’m not good at thinking quickly on my feet. I need time to process the conversation. Also, small talk tires me out. I’d rather talk about something meaningful. I have this idea for a remote control that can aid introverts in conversation. If there are any engineers out there that can help me build this thing, please contact me. Thanks.


16 thoughts on “Solution to #Introvert #Awkwardness

  1. I was with a group of people yesterday evening and a woman was holding forth about ‘being friendly’ and how there is always something one can think of to say to someone when you meet them. Yeah. Right. Since this woman was 85, I just smiled to myself and let her get on with it 😉


    • Small talk is recyclable. Though I don’t prefer it, I can think of some things to say ahead of time. Classics: “Did you enjoy the weather today?” “Those are beautiful earrings – where did you get them?” Extroverts like to talk. If it’s an introvert, well, hopefully they understand, and you’re not the only awkward one! Small talk can lead to deeper things. If not, it’s ok to move on. Hope you have a good weekend, R.


  2. Great… What about when something awkward has happened. For instance when I was listening to someone talk who was eating at the same time…food fell out of his mouth and landed on my foot .. I didn’t want to embarrass him by saying or doing anything…he seemed not to notice… where’s the button for that? Maybe super fast forward, or eject?


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