#Introvert Clock-Out

Have you ever been so peopled out but still had to go out into the extroverted world to run errands? Did you hope and pray that you wouldn’t see anyone you knew? When I’m peopled out, I’m clocked out.




18 thoughts on “#Introvert Clock-Out

  1. I figure I’m “clocked out” about 99% of the time these days, don’t know what I’m going to do, in the years to come, when someone packs me off to a nursing home. It’s a horrible thought which I try not to dwell on 🙂


      • My son is over 50, my husband is deceased and I’m a retired, shy, introvert. I am a grandmother (Yaya) to 4, 2 of which are grown and the youngest two are involved in school and after school things. I’m not complaining but I do miss my Don something fierce.


      • When did Don pass away? I think you told me once. I’m sorry I forgot. I you ever want to have a more private conversation, I’m also on Twitter where you can DM me or on FB where you can message me.


      • Don died in 2009 after several years of being bedridden and struggling with PTSD. He was retired army and was in 2 wars. I’m on twitter too (again) as @Anne_Leddon which is of course part of my name. I was trying to keep up with the political goings on and didn’t want my complete name out there. I just followed you. And thank you 🙂


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