Both my wife (INFP) and I (INFJ) are HSPs, that is, Highly Sensitive People. Lately my wife has been feeling a little eXtra Sensitive. This cartoon is for her.






26 thoughts on “#HxSP

  1. Hehe, and no to the noise of vacuum cleaners, mowers, cars with modifications, chainsaws. Even the dishwasher and washing machine are a little too loud for my liking.

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      • Not really, but you do have to pick your cabin carefully. We had a cabin right at the back, with a nice large balcony, we were high up with one of the outdoor pools above us. I suppose it helps if you go on a cold cruise, not many brave the outdoor pool in Norway, I don’t know what it would be like on a Mediterranean cruise. I do find it difficult if there are too many sea days close together. It also helps the more times you have been, as you learn when certain places are quiet:)


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  3. It means a lot when you find out you’re not the only one. I can’t stand the bathroom fan or ticking clock. But loud people are the worst. I’m finding it harder to go out in public. 😕


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