When We Don’t Know Something

Every now and then I hear someone say with embarrassment, “I really SHOULD know that.” Should you? Maybe, but if you don’t, it’s OK. I’ve also heard people say “You don’t KNOW that?!” Well, obviously not, and that’s OK too. We’re all learning.








15 thoughts on “When We Don’t Know Something

  1. I should have a copy of this on my lab wall. I like to create an atmosphere where it’s ok to be wrong. I tell the girls it’s better to do a question completely wrong than not do it all, then we all know what we do or do not know. I also tell I don’t know the answer to everything!


  2. I once got embarrassed in class cause on that same reason. It was a really popular thing that everyone knew and I expected it as something else and it was wrong then the whole class started giggling and my tears was about to show until the teacher changed the subject.
    Nice topic by the way!!!

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