Back to School

I confess that I hated going to school. It was the end of my happy-go-lucky little life. Kindergarten was OK, because I got to make stuff. But first grade through twelfth was a traumatic struggle for this INFJ HSP.




11 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. Out of curiosity, how big was your school? There are sooo many factors that influence school experience, but I wonder if INFJ/INFPs/HSPs do best in small schools. I’m an INFP/HSP and went to a very small school. I think a big school would have been traumatic for me.

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  2. This is so cute. I dreaded school. I sometimes stood on the top of my dresser near the heater vent to make my face hot. I would have mama feel my hot forehead and she’d send me straight to bed. Now looking back, school wasn’t as bad as the dread.

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  3. Thankfully I did good in school. But, I could never fit un with the kids. If I do, then the friendship fades after weeks/months. It’s always been acquaintances, you know. I cant say that Ive seen much change in college or grad school either. Oh well. Doesnt stop me from performing at my best. Doesnt bother me much anymore either


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