About Dis-cord

I can really see loving Apple’s new wireless earbuds, although they are quite pricey. No cord to fuss with. But at the same time, that tangle has sort of become the cultural symbol of “Don’t bother me.” Hmmm, what to do, what to do?




11 thoughts on “About Dis-cord

  1. This is what I’ve been telling everyone. I mostly wear headphones/headsets just to be left alone. Half the time, I don’t even listen to music. It’s my “do not disturb” sign.


  2. I was dyslexic in my comment thinking the “I” was for intuition. My son (adult) wears earbuds when he’s working in the yard and I occasionally interrupt him. When I read this post I was so upset thinking I’d missed my son’s “STOP” sign. I try so hard not to cross boundaries. I discussed this cartoon with him and he assured me that he was only listening to music and he’d tell me if he needed more alone time. 😂

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