New iOS 11 Feature

Yeah, yeah, I know. We didn’t have cell phones back in my day. But you younger whippersnappers could take advantage of this.




9 thoughts on “New iOS 11 Feature

  1. So funnnny 馃榾 The first mobile phone I ever had was about the size of a shoe box. I was working as a RCNA (Registered Certified Nursing Assistant) with home health and the scheduler sent me into a really bad area…I had to go to some floor in the teens in an apartment building and do a shift with a bedridden lady. Shift over (in the middle of the night), I had to get down the elevator and to my vehicle without being molested. So I bought the “shoe box” so I could call Don and talk to him till I was in the truck. I was lucky once I reached the ground floor a young man who was a veteran offered to walk me to my vehicle (when he found out my husband was a veteran)…of course he was also homeless and a street person in downtown Tucson AZ. Obviously everything worked out ’cause here I am safe and sound all these years later. I wonder what happened to the “shoe box?” 馃榾 馃榾 馃榾


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