#INFJ Radar

Last week I was trading some tweets and Direct Messages with my Twitter friend and fellow INFJ @MadameAmbassK. Among other things, we talked about INFJ observation skills, the kind that some may misconstrue as stalking. They’re not really stalking skills. INFJs just see and perceive things other people may miss, and then these observations are etched into our memories.




3 thoughts on “#INFJ Radar

  1. I love it! A few years ago at a holiday gathering with my husband’s family, I asked my niece (his sister’s daughter) questions about her college friends who she had mentioned at family gatherings throughout her 4 years of college and then we had all met at her graduation. She seemed surprised that I knew so much and said to her mom in a not unkind way, “Beth knows everything.” And I thought to myself, no, unlike my husband’s family I actually listen when people talk. HA! (I’m an ISFP btw.)

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