Finding Passion and Accomplishment

Some folks know what they want to do early on in life. They dream of being a _____, then actually become a _____, and then excel at being an incredible _____. Others have a more difficult time figuring out what they want to do in life, what their passions are. I had difficulty pinpointing and accepting my passion for making art, because I didn’t think it was valid due to my upbringing. Only until I was able to name it and pursue it did I feel like I was “home.”


6 thoughts on “Finding Passion and Accomplishment

    • I think that’s what I meant about “home”, discovering who I truly am inside. Passion is on the inside. The outworking is the evidence. Hope you have a good weekend, LT. 🙂


  1. Life is an ever changing journey. At school I once wrote that I’d like to teach, everyone laughed! Because I was so quiet. Who’s laughing now. Looking forward, I will probably do something arty, as teaching into my late 50’s & 60’s, I’m not sure I’ll have the energy. I’m sure over all I’ll enjoy the journey


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