#INFJproblems – Gushing

I’m pretty reserved out in public for the most part. But as an INFJ, I’m pretty emotional and feel things quite deeply. When I express these emotions (for example, when I’m telling someone I really like their work or when I’m saddened by someone’s bad news) my tendency is to gush, or emote. I’m fully aware that this can be misconstrued as being insincere or fake, so I consciously try to restrain myself just a tad.



2 thoughts on “#INFJproblems – Gushing

  1. How true is this. And the fact that most us infjs are empaths really adds to the fact that we feel a lot about a lot of things! I try to act more unconcerned than what I really am over other people’s predicaments because honestly other people are weirded out by how much I care.

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