My Cable Is Home

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE being an introvert, and I am a HUGE introvert. But there are times when being more extroverted would be nice or at least come in handy.

14 thoughts on “My Cable Is Home

  1. I caught that “cable” thing immediately 🙂 At that this particular time I would like to become more involved politically…but then there’s that “not liking to telephone thing” and the “not liking the groups of people thing”…I’m discovering it’s really difficult to be politically involved as an introvert. (Apparently writing letters to your Congressman is way down the list on how to get his/her attention.)

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      • I’m looking for online groups to be involved with…but almost all political groups mainly want new groups formed and calls made to congressmen…YIKES! I do twitter and apparently if you have millions of followers you can make a impression 🙂 I think I’m apx. 999,999 followers shy of a million 😀 😀 😀

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