How about Cats?

I’m not always good at thinking quickly on my feet or verbalizing off the top of my head. I hate being put on the spot. I need time to process and think about what I want to say. How about you?




10 thoughts on “How about Cats?

  1. Funny, I was teaching a problem solving class today with a bunch of introverts. So instead of brainstorming, I said, lets all take 15 minutes and work on identifying the problem ALONE. And then we’ll talk about it together. Unfortunately it was a class and we couldn’t go back to our offices. But we did the best with what we had. And then I had them share their problem statements with one other person first, not the whole class. Know your audience is probably a good motto.

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  2. I suffer with the exact same problem, Im an introvert and find it hard to speak out in large groups of people, When I do I feel a bit like a tiny puppy asking for attention. Its quite annoying because I tend to process things in my head quite alot before actually getting to the stage of verbalization. Nevertheless, Great artwork!

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