Introversion: The Basics

When I need to give a quick, understandable definition of what an introvert is, I usually say something like this. Maybe I should get these images tattooed on me as visual aids.

12 thoughts on “Introversion: The Basics

  1. I don’t know many humans who don’t recharge in solitude, ha ha. That’s what solitude is for! 馃檪 And likewise there are, of course, pieces of us that require human contact and connection. All about balance.


  2. That would definitely make for an interesting tattoo…
    Though I’ve been wondering and you seem like a good person to ask this (as I don’t know too many introverts or at least ones willing to admit it easily and not pretend to not be):
    There are times and people in my life, a very small set of maybe 3 or 4 with whom I am fine spending many, many hours – though often on specific activities. Like a group of 4 with whom I play D&D about 2-3 times a month and I can sit and enjoy the gaming, I get more chatty, I do voices and am more extroverted than in any other sphere of my life and it’s not a forced talking, it just feels right. Also with certain geeky friends when we’re just hanging out – were it not for needing to drive home or work the next day or whatever, we could sit for hours and hours and though I may be phsyically tired after a long day, mentally I’m not exhausted like with almost ALL other social situations.
    Do you find this happen to you ever and regardless, what would be your thought on why this is so? Just curious to get another opinion.


    • This can be due to a number of things. It may depend on where you fall on the introvert/extrovert continuum. If it’s close to the middle, you’ll be able to handle more outside stimulation. Also the type of company and activity plays a major part. There are people who drain and others you love to be with. Activities that drain and others that you find enjoyable. Also, you may be an introvert that is highly relational. INFJs are highly relational. I love being alone, but crave people contact too.


  3. “Like INFJ, not an easy persolanity type to have. In my opinion.”

    I don’t think there are easy personality types to have. Every personality comes with challenges and room to grow! Each is difficult/easy in its own way.

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