Extrovert/Introvert Continuum

Everyone falls somewhere on the extrovert/introvert continuum, which means there are different degrees of extroversion and introversion. In addition, there’s no one who is purely one way or the other, so even the most radical of introverts (like me) can have extroverted moments. Each of us is at home somewhere on the continuum but can make excursions up and down the road.

13 thoughts on “Extrovert/Introvert Continuum

  1. When I’m at my most introverted I’m firmly in Introvert Country in the middle of a cave surrounded by guard wolves.

    However, when I do have my extroverted moments I’m in the middle of Stimulation City at a giant concert surrounded by hundreds of other people as we shamelessly dance around and singing along with whatever band is playing.

    I normally only operate in extremes.

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  2. I tend to waver between mid-Introvert Country and the Forest. I occasionally roam along the border but always come back home. 😊


  3. Been trying to explain this to my youngest brother… he’d just give me a blank stare. But when I let him read this, he finally seemed to get it. So thanks for putting into words something that I guess I just wasn’t good at communicating. 😉

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