How Big an Introvert Are You?

All introverts aren’t alike. For instance, they tolerate different degrees of outside stimulation before feeling completely drained. This can also depend on the situation or how well-rested one is, but we all fall somewhere different on the extrovert/introvert continuum.

9 thoughts on “How Big an Introvert Are You?

  1. Option D: The balloon but a sentient balloon with a smiley-face painted on, trying desperately to hold the air in (kind of like a fart you can’t gauge in a crowd actually, if you’ll pardon the lingo…)… XD
    ..Also, it’s cracking my up that lacking a “first” button, I’m reading these comics all backwards and commenting backwards as well. I feel like Merlin from The Once And Future King who lives through time moving backwards from future to past. 🙂

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