15 thoughts on “Wired from the Womb

  1. Just stumbled across here by chance and I have to say, I’m loving it.
    As an introvert who loves to write and draw myself and who really doesn’t care for parties and large social… things… and can never get people to understand what it is to just be happy with alone time… well I’m super excited to have a comic that represents a state of mind I can relate to and am definitely following.
    Thanks INFJoe, from a fellow introvert from India, a place where everyone is always in everyones business. Basically introvert hell! 😀

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  2. “I wonder if introvert babies cry more at birth.”

    They do, actually!

    In the influential book on introverts (Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking), the author cites a study done on infants that found those who cried the loudest when shown “noisy” stimuli grew up to be quiet individuals.

    Apparently introverts were born “high-sensitive,” as opposed to the low-sensitive babies who were quieter and calmer with all the popping balloons and clowns and whatnot who then usually grew up to be at home with the party crowd.

    Love it when science backs up an already strong joke 😁

    Keep doing what you do best, Joe! The community thanks you for it.


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