13 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. So true. I get annoyed at introverted = shy. I think one-on-ones are always the nicest. Once a group hits 4 and it’s the same group all the time, I’m like… nope, I’m out. I can’t do groups like that for some reason. Once it hits 4 it feels more like a clique to me. It stops feeling personal. Once in a while, a group outing or dinner party or something is nice, but I’ll always prefer one-on-ones.

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      • I worked in the healthcare IT field, implementing enormous medical records systems. Integration testing would involve 60-100 people, spread across multiple conference rooms throughout the state of Hawaii. Technical folk, business folk, all going step-by-step through a particular system process, checking at each: Did what was supposed to happen actually happen, or did something go wrong?

        Fortunately, I had my specific part of each process to validate, so I could narrow my focus down to my monitor and my copy of the test script.

        Still, not sure I’d consider IT completely introvert-friendly.

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