8 thoughts on “Happy World Introvert Day!

  1. Indeed, it looks like I am the only one at work today ! No phone calls. Only one email, generic and automatically sent. I have found that fantastic button on my phone “don’t disturb”. If they really want they can text !
    Many thanks, INFJoe, and have a super great year as well, creative, serene … and very quiet !

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  2. To FIND THE QUIET is the constant quest for we introverts. (which BTW is a blog I follow and I highly recommend) I would argue that we soak up more of the world than our extroverted counterparts, despite our reticence to participate in as many things. Typical that I wouldn’t hear about this World Day for Introverts, no doubt kept under wraps and heavily UNpromoted! 🙂

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  3. Gosh!
    Stop celebrating holidays 22 years ago!
    No gifts shopping, no greeting cards even virtual, no parties, no visits, just a phone call, and maybe two emails, and got to confess, I do it reluctantly, but feel obligated! 😦


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