I’m an INFJ joe amid extroverts, sensors, thinkers, and perceivers, and still trying to come to terms with it on a daily basis. This site is not about things exclusive to the INFJ but rather my experiences and thoughts as an INFJ. For those who share the same Myers-Briggs personality type, I hope you can identify with some of my postings and be encouraged that you are not alone. For those who are not INFJ, I hope this blog will give you a little insight into this particular type.

INFJoe is my nom de cartoon. My real name is Aaron Caycedo-Kimura. If you want to know more about me, you can check out my interview with Hoctok: http://www.hoctok.com/aaron-caycedo-kimura.html.

Thank you so much for visiting. Please have a look around.






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  1. I found you thanks to seeing the Discover recommendation, I must admit to knowing nothing about these ‘Myers-Briggs types’ before so I am happy that I have been both educated – by going off to find out what the heck they were – and entertained immensely by your observations and talent. I’m pretty well identifying with the Wikipedia INFJ definition too. Except for the perfectionism thing, can’t be doing with that. Thank you, good luck with the book.

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    • Thank you so much! I’m not so much of a perfectionist either. I see the tendency but maybe as an artist I see how harmful it can be to creativity. Hope you are well. 😊


  2. This has been one of my best finds. It’s been like an epiphany and has helped me ‘get’ me 😉 INFJ and 99% introvert, although that took me by surprise it actually helped me relax into myself, if that makes sense! As a consequence I’ve recklessly nominated you for an award. Paying forward my own nomination to those that have made me giggle/think/filled my heart. You can ignore it, accept it quietly and graciously, or throw a party and show off 🙂 (Though you probably won’t want to do that!). Either way, tis done and forgive that I’m commenting with these exact same words on my other nominations as I can’t find a better way of putting it! https://thelockwoodecho.com/2017/09/04/blogger-recognition-award/

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