Grinning and Bearing the Party Scene

I’m really not one for large parties with lots of people, loud music, noise, and craziness. Some folks can’t believe I don’t have fun at these types of functions, but it’s just not how I prefer to spend time with people. What appeals to me more are nice quiet, small gatherings of close friends. Sometimes, however, for whatever reason, you just have to go to the party.



5 thoughts on “Grinning and Bearing the Party Scene

  1. Sometimes, when I have to go to such a party, I have a great time! I usually just pick one or two people to talk to for most of the night, and really enjoy myself. Of course, this means I need to rest for a few days to recover my energy xD
    Staying home reading, writing, or gaming is far too appealing to attend parties though.


  2. Attending parties just make me feel sad sometimes.. Sad because everyone is happy. I would go to a corner, observe people and the party itself, trying to remember it all knowing that these may not happen again.


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