It Never Fails – Are We INFJs Magnets?

I’m a huge introvert. Even when I’m in public, I tend to keep to myself, directing my energy inwards. Don’t get me wrong, I do like people and talking to them, but my natural preference is for a quiet environment and consideration. Most folks are extroverts, who like to be next to people and prefer to direct their energy outwards.


3 thoughts on “It Never Fails – Are We INFJs Magnets?

  1. I sometimes say that very thing when I sit on the train- you are good!!
    Does your INFJness mean you won’t be accepting your award?
    One more thing, when I read your title, I wondered if it meant do we INFJs attract other INFJs?
    I sometimes perceive written words differently so it does not negate your intention. I do think thinak here on wordpress that I have attracted other INFJs that don’t write INFJ blogs, they will identify as a conversation develops. just sayin”

    peace, Linda


    • One time I was sitting in an empty parking lot looking out on the ocean. A car drives up, parks next to me, window rolls down, guy starts yaking on his cell! I truly appreciate your nomination. I really do. Thank you. But it’s always so difficult for me to sit down and do the acceptance reqs. I guess I’m not really a blogger, more of a picture post-er.


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