#Introverted House

My wife and I were recently house hunting, and it became clear to us early on that what we were looking for was an “introverted house” – something in a quiet and safe neighborhood with sufficient breathing space around it. We needed a sanctuary where we could retreat, be left alone, and make art.  It took us a couple of months, but we finally found the perfect place for us.


10 thoughts on “#Introverted House

  1. Yep that’s me INFJoe…so I didn’t do well with the rental neighbors who drove through my side yard, walked through my yard, put their trash in my yard, etc. You will understand how thankful I am that they were evicted yesterday…stay away from my “haunted” house 🙂


  2. Ah yes. I live with an extravert, so have to make compromises. Nonetheless, I have a reputation in the family for choosing the most highly introverted holiday locations. Getting to them has sometimes proved to be a challenge 😀

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