ISFJane’s Secret for Cleaning Up a Messy Bedroom

I need to have my house neat and tidy to a certain degree before I can function and go about my creative work. Here’s some advice my mother (ISFJane) told me a long, long time ago. I still do it. Try it.


8 thoughts on “ISFJane’s Secret for Cleaning Up a Messy Bedroom

  1. So true.
    Have you ever done finger dusting ( wrapping the duster around your finger to save moving the objects), I was introduced to it by an elderly vicars wife when I was a teenager, with the words watch & learn this will save you time. I think of her every time I need to finger dust.


      • Dusters , the old fashioned type in the UK tend to be yellow & made of brushed cotton ( I can’t remember if you have something similar in the US)
        Example of using finger dusting, you have mother in law coming, you don’t have time to dust properly, so the cloth is carefully wrapped around the finger, & the dust is carefully removed, without moving the objects. You do have to keep repositioning the duster. At a quick glance it appears to be dusted.


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